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Which airline offers the best connecting flight between Sofia and New York?

The busy route between Sofia and New York is one of the many itineraries served only by connecting flights. We picked a random date in September and using the SafeConnect tool, we compared 30 flights offered by 6 airlines serving this route, namely Lufhtansa, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Air France / KLM.

Here is what we found out:

The quickest option to get from Sofia to New York takes 12h 35min (Austrian Airlines) and the longest takes 35h 50min (Aeroflot). The shortest transfer time is only 1h 5min (Austrian Airlines), the longest is over 22 h (Aeroflot). The risk of missing the connection is low for over 80% of the flights, this also taking into account the on time and cancellation performance of the analysed flights. The connection comfort rating ranges from 2.7 (British Airways) to 4.6 (Austrian Airlines) out of 5.

Let’s now reveal the best flight option. The prize goes to Austrian Airlines with flights OS800 (SOF-VIE) / OS 89 (VIE-EWR). It deserves the first place with a connection comfort rating of 4.6, transfer time of only 1h 20min and a total travel time of 12h 35min. The risk of missing the connection is low, but still the next available flight from Vienna to New York leaves only 30 min later. Both flights have great on time performance rating.

The second best travel option with a comfort rating of 4.4 is offered again by Austrian Airlines. The third and fourth places go to Lufthansa, with a comfort rating of 4.2 each. The fifth best flight combination is an option offered by British Airways.

At the very bottom of the ranking you can find a British Airways’ flight with a connection comfort rating of only 2.7 and a medium risk of missing the connection, followed by flights of Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines.