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Plug & Play, customized and bespoke software solutions

Products: Products

For online travel agencies & flight comparison (metasearch) engines

If you are an online travel agency or a flight comparison (metasearch) engine, we can help you enter the exciting world of virtual interlining. By partnering with SafeConnect, you will be able to:

  • Measure connection risk & construct unique flight combinations

  • Understand the factors & costs related to missed connections

  • Build a strategy regarding protecting travellers ​against missed connections

  • Evaluate the competitive environment and come up with the right product strategy 

As a result of partnering with SafeConnect, you will be able to offer unique flight combinations and not just distribute third-party content coming from airlines, GDS or other suppliers.

By offering proprietary flight combinations you can profit from:

  • higher markups

  • better product mix and higher look-to-book ratio

  • Differentiating from competition and building a strong brand loyalty

The core product available to online travel agencies and flight comparison (metasearch) engines is the SafeConnect API, which can be integrated within any flight search & book infrastructure. It provides tons of connection data like risk, on-time performance, connection comfort rating, etc. While it is a standard product, numerous options for customisations exist according to customer's business model and preferences. 

Missed connections will always happen and the implications for your business will be especially relevant when you offer virtual connections. We have a number of software tools which can help you understand the factors and costs of handling such cases. 

Drop us a line at and we will be happy to look into your case. 

For insurance companies

If you are an insurance company active in the field of travel insurance & assistance, we can help you:

  • Measure incident frequency. Our custom-built analytical tools can predict how often a given flight or flight combination can trigger an insurance event  

  • Measure cost of repair. Our custom-built analytical tools can predict the likely rebooking costs for a set of routes.

  • Introduce dynamic premium pricing engine. Following the insurance product workflow, we can build a customised pricing engine, producing insurance quotes based on individual flight parameters.

  • Claim management. We have relevant know-how to help you construct state-of-art claim handling process, aided by custom built tools and consumer facing apps. 

Drop us a line at and we will be happy to look into your case. 

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