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for online travel agencies, airlines, insurance companies, airports, startups, investors, technology providers and other stakeholders

Expertise in virtual interlining

We are subject matter experts in the field of virtual interlining and flight risk estimations. We have great know-how about the technology behind such projects; we can help you connect the dots by setting up the right processes and choosing the right technology and partners. 

Developing a good virtual interlining product requires data insights. When it comes to analysing flight patterns, schedules, punctuality statistics, fares...we are good at this. Apart from possessing know-how, we have also built a set of custom analytical tools.

Whether you are an online travel agency, airline, insurance company, or any other stakeholder we will be happy to work with you .

Air Traffic Forecasting
Programming Console

Virtual interlining competitive analysis

When it comes to virtual interlining, the online travel agencies are the ones who own the product and therefore have the freedom to price it. Our competitive analysis tools can help you understand how your virtually interlined fares perform on the marketplace. 

We can produce snapshot reports or monitor your performance over time.  As a takeaway you will know how to improve your flight combinations and fares in order to rank on top in metasearch websites and ultimately sell more.

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